For Distributed Energy Resources (DER)

Will you control the EVs?

No, we will not. Our role is to provide a new price signal for you so you can let your customers know. Whether you share charging advice information directly with the customer or integrate it into your existing smart charging algorithm is at your discretion.

How can we ensure this does not negatively impact the customer’s charging experience?

Spark does not directly interfere with end-users’ control of DER. We trust our partners, who understand their customers’ comfort and product offerings, to manage these resources.

What’s in it for us?

Primarily, the service adds value for your customers, who receive direct compensation from the local grid operation through the tariff reduction. This allows you to attract new customers, charge for your services, or integrate the service into your business model as you see fit. Additionally, within an incentive period, Spark will directly compensate you 15 NOK/month for every resource connected in a defined area facing grid problems.

What is in it for the participants of smart neighbourhoods?

Participants benefit from a reduction in the grid tariff provided by the DSO. The compensation is a minimum of 100 NOK per month for those in problematic areas.

What capabilities do we need to join?

To join, you need an app to communicate charging advice with your customers, as we provide individual charging plans for each user. You can integrate the charging advice into your existing smart charging algorithm if you offer smart charging.

How can we join?

Simply start the onboarding process for your assets via Spark studio.

How do we secure our customer data?

We adhere to GDPR and include necessary terms and conditions. Details regarding data usage will also be outlined.

What is the subscription fee?

Initially, the service is free, and we even compensate you for each connected EV within an incentive period. Subscription fees will only be introduced once the savings for end-users become significant.

How can the grid compensate the EV owner?

This introduces a targeted approach to tariffs, ensuring more focused compensation compared to existing models.